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THANK YOU for an outstanding 2022 !!!

We could not have been more pleased with how it all went down during 2022!! 

We had great cocktail/mocktail hours; wonderful and knowledgable speakers for our technology events; enthusiastic support from our LGBTQ community and technology partners; and an absolutely fabulous time at all of our networking events!!!

From Zettabytes.Today to all of our friends, members, colleagues and partner communities - THANK YOU ! 💖💗 Here is a quick recap of the year's events:

J. Scott Kirkendall - "Go Be You"

Level D&I, Doug McCullough

Anne Beard, Karan Froom, Kimberly Sue Griffiths 

Rachael Henderschott, Delaney Barr, Equality Ohio

TechLife Columbus, Level D&I, Tech Elevator, Land Grant

Olive A.I. & the "Raindowlivians"

AMA at Rev1 Ventures

A hoppin' Halloween Party

AMA at classic hang-out, Slammers

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